Revealed! Kwam 1 Reportedly Lied About His Son’s Release From US Jail


A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that fuji maestro, King Ayinde Marshal aka KWAM1’s son, Sultan Omogbadebo Anifowoshe was arrested on fraud charges and has also been granted bail.

Recall KWAM 1 had taken to social media to claim that his son was not guilty of the crime and he has been granted bail by the US authorities because “he was a victim of circumstance.”

In a statement issued through his media and publicity director, Kunle Rasheed, KWAM 1 said the bail given to Sultan indicated that he was not involved in the crime.

KWAM 1’s statement reads thus in full; “Our attention has been drawn to the news circulating that Sultan, K1 De Ultimate’s son was arrested alongside five other people in the US over Two million Dollars fraud.

“There is no doubt that my son was among those that were arrested but what is however not true is claims that he is a fraud. We can confidently say that he was not in any way involved in the crime, which explains the reason why he was the only person that was released on bail.

“The bail given to Sultan indicates that he is not involved in the crime; he is only a victim of circumstance who happened to be at a wrong place at a wrong time.

“Many detractors are quick to celebrate the news because to them, they want to get to the father. But the truth will always shine as light over darkness.

“Sultan, we believe, will be given a clean bill of health at the next adjournment.”

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Sultan, 26, was arrested alongside six others in Chicago. Two other alleged accomplices were arrested in Nigeria the defendants were charged in Chicago in International Investigation Targeting “Romance Scams” and “Mystery Shopper” Schemes.

Their arrests took place two weeks after each was charged with conspiracy to commit a wire fraud scheme. If convicted, the defendants face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

However an exclusive report from Kemiashefonlovehaven reveals that KWAM1 was contacted immediately his son was arrested but he never picked the calls.4

The source also said; “His other children, who also live abroad, contacted him but their father didn’t pick their calls. They sent him text messages but he didn’t respond. But immediately blogs and other media broke the news, he sensed a disgrace and quickly arranged a press conference debunking the story.

“Till date, he has not got in touch with the children and even refused to send money to hire a lawyer for the victim, who he always claimed to love the most. Although he has a reputation for always been uninvolved with his children, his lackadaisical attitude towards Sultan’s plight defies reasoning. Rather, he has been junketing around parties and end-of-year shindigs where he is either performing or invited as a guest in Nigeria.”

Anifowoshe and eight others were defrauded Internet users of at least $2 million in online scams over the past two years.

Daniel Samuel Eta, 35, of Skokie; Babatunde Ladehinde Labiyi, 20, of Chicago; Barnabas Oghenerukevwe Edjieh, 29, of Chicago; Sultan Omogbadebo Anifowoshe, 26, of Chicago; Babatunde Ibraheem Akarigidi, 39, of Chicago; Miracle Ayokunle Okunola, 21, of Chicago; Olurotimi Akitunde Idowu, 55, of Chicago, are the others arrested alongside. Another person was arrested in Texas, and the ninth was arrested in Nigeria.

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