Safety Alert: 10 Ways To Avoid Possible Terrorist Attack This Eid-el-fitr



The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester, London, Germany and France indicate that global terrorism is still on the rise.
Although Boko Haram has been largely decimated from the Sambisa Forest, the war on terror is yet to be won, as surviving BH elements have dispersed to various parts of the country.
Since previous celebrations including Christmas, Easter, and Sallah have been exploited by terrorist elements to cause mayhem, the need for personal security and safety has become all important.

The Following tips could prevent you from possible terror attack

1. Avoid crowded places during this period. If you must be in such places like parks, cinemas, and markets, malls and even prayer grounds, endeavour to be vigilant at all times and draw the attention of people around you and where available security agencies to any suspicious movement or behaviours.

2 The recent terror attacks in London and Paris were perpetrated by terrorists who used large trucks to ram at people in crowded areas. So be very conscious of this pattern and avoid areas which could easily be exploited by terror elements using large trucks or vehicles.

3 You can have in your bag, pocket or car pepper spray. In the case of knife attack as witnessed in London, a snippet of pepper spray may be all you need to escape from the hands of the terrorist.

4 Encourage security awareness in your family and discuss what to do if there is a security threat.

5 Make sure to memorize important emergency phone numbers that can help you reach the police and other security agencies in times of emergency.

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6 Make it a point to keep your mobile phone charged and topped up with credit at all times. You don’t want to be running out of phone charge or money in an emergency.

7 Do not travel into areas that are expected terrorist targets.

8 Draw the attention of the police or other security agencies to vehicles parked or abandoned by suspicious persons. Do not allow unknown persons to drop or abandon bags, boxes, cartons or any wrapped or sealed containers around your premises.

9 Operators of public places such as parks, shopping mall, gardens, cinemas, markets, churches, Mosques and schools must reinforce access control and other physical security measures especially illumination, installation of CCTV Cameras.

10 Hotels and other hospitality establishments should always screen their guests properly and ensure that they obtain accurate details about them.

Happy Eid-el-Fitri Celebration to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, while congratulating each and every one of you on the successful end of the Ramadan Fast.

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