Serious Drama as Gay Students Gets Stuck When Bonking Each Other (Photo)


Mpumalanga high school students in South Africa (names with-held) ga_y relationship ended on a sad note on Monday morning after they reportedly got ‘stuck’ during their usual bonking session.

According to a fellow student who chose not to reveal his identity,one of the deceased was ‘fixed’ by his mother who was not impressed the day she realized that her only son was attracted to fellow-men,and warned him that should he ever try to ‘sleep’ with fellow-men he would regret it.

The boy,who would not take his mother’s warning seriously,went on to bonk his other colleague at the school grounds and got ‘stuck’,which resulted in them later committing suicide the next day since they could not stomach the embarrassment of their video which had already gone viral the same day.

The funeral arrangement and the identities of the deceased will be advised in due course.

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